What You Learn from Writing

Writing is a release. Writing not only lets you communicate, but helps you understand who you are more thoroughly. Writing parallels so many things. Much like a lover, it’s comforting, exhilarating, joyous. Moreover it is trying, heartbreaking, at times requiring more patience than you thought you possessed. Writing is rewarding. A roller-coaster. Electric. Significant. Complex. … More What You Learn from Writing

Tests ‘n Shit

Today wasn’t like every other day. Instead of waking up at the first sight of dawn’s booty crack (the time of day, not the stripper) and drudging into the office to be assaulted by seniors and my boss with the 80s hairdo…I woke up right AFTER dawn showed its filthy ass crack and hauled myself … More Tests ‘n Shit

The Lies about Locs

Let’s start with saying- I am not actually AGAINST non-POC wearing dreads. I am against the stigma dreads hold because of non-POC perpetuating the “hippie look.” I think about how much struggle black people have had to just wear their natural damn hair. How white people have no idea that locs are a necessity and … More The Lies about Locs